Bill Shook

China and International Business Advisor

Bill Shook is an international business diplomat and business match-maker. He and his team can help you find the right partners for your projects.

Mr. Shook has put together many projects internationally by finding the best partners, investors, and distributors for a wide variety of projects and services. We have experience in almost every industry in China.

Agriculture, Aviation, Banking, Building Materials, Construction, Chemicals, Energy, Engineering, Food and Beverage, Environment, Machinery, Medical, Minerals, Mining, Oil and Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Telecom.

  • Import/Export
  • Joint Ventures
  • Manufacturing
  • Investments
  • Distribution
  • Licensing 

BILL SHOOK and his China Experts team, has assisted many of the top 500 companies in the world by providing China market information and advice.

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Some of the companies we have provided services to include: IBM, General Electric, AT&T, FORD, The Swiss Bank, The World Bank, Banco Azteca, The US Dept of Commerce, Municipality of Anchorage Alaska, The Adizes Institute, California Governors Oce, Nevada Trade Dept, Gallo, Tropicana, Bissell, Sunkist, Subway, Starbucks, McDonalds, Schlotzsky’s Deli, Yum Brands, Sweet Street Desserts, The Roundtable Group, South Beauty restaurants China, Tan You Tou hotpot restaurants China, Rexall, Geneva Dental, Hudson Respiratory Care, China 999 pharmaceuticals, Allied Signal Aerospace, KPMG Peat Marwick, Blackstone Group, Baker Hostetler Law, King & Wood China law, Conrad Hotels, First American Title, Prudential Realty, Diebold, Grumman, Lear Siegler, HONDA, Tri State Trucks Corp, China Unicom, China National Oshore Oil, China Oil, Sinopec, Sinochem, Nanhai Oil, China National Petroleum Equipment, China Chemical University, Beijing Xylitol Factory, China National Machinery, China State Economic Planning Commission, China National Economic Reform Committee, China Chamber of Commerce, China Everbright Group, China Brokers Assoc, China state Economics Science and Technology, China Wushu, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China State Environmental Protection Oce, China Aviation, CASC, China Great Wall Industries, China Ministry of Agriculture, China Ministry of Communications, China Ministry of Culture, China Ministry of Health, Tongren Hospital, Beijing Dental Institute, Beijing Anzhen Heart Hospital, China Red Cross Foundation, China Traditional Medical Hospital, China State Pharmaceutical Administration, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, China State Housing Development, China Ministry of Construction, Beijing Foreign Investment Oce, China Central TV, Beijing TV, China National Radio, China Northstar Group, China Kingdom Seafoods, Beijing Olympics Committee, City of Beijing, China Railways, China Highway Institute, Ministry of Communications, China Agriculture, ICBC Bank, Bureau of Purchasing, Ningxia Development Zone, Bayar Law Mongolia, China Mongolia Chamber of Commerce…

Business Summary of Some Projects that Mr. Shook has worked on:

— In the early 1980’s brought the first Chinese delegations of Mayors to the US to meet with US accounting companies to help China establish international standards of accounting. 
— Bill Shook was asked by the China Government Economic Planning Commission to arrange very important meetings in the US to discuss the development of China economic policies. Arranged meetings with the United Nations, US Dept of Commerce, and Los Angeles Mayors Office. Results of these meetings helped establish the very successful Chinese economic policies.
— Assisted China Chamber of Promotion International Trade / China Chamber of Commerce, with many projects including delegations to and from the US to discuss potential purchases, joint ventures, and investments. Found US suppliers of metal plate, paper products, and other metals and equipment which were purchased through CCPIT. These purchases amounted to many million of dollars and continue to this day. Arranged for the export of the first donut-making equipment from the US to China. Arranged negotiations and meetings between the CCPIT and Sunkist, and others, for joint ventures, purchases and other cooperation.

— Helped the first internet company in China by recommending strategies to develop their internet cafes. Senior advisor to the largest data centers company in China. Formerly known as (at that time owned by Bill Shook), the company is now known as 21Vianet. Now the largest data center company in China.
CHINA UNICOM, arranged cooperation with internet hubs in the US and provided technical analysis of China connectivity. Negotiated a $10M service agreement for a US company to assist China Unicom with improvement of it’s internet infrastructure.
— OPTIGATE, Former President of the international department. OPTIGATE was a division of the oldest privately owned telecom in the US. Bill helped develop cooperation with the largest telecoms in China.
— Worked with ATT China promoting ATT airport telecommunications projects and other equipment sales in China. 

— Assisted IBM China with introductions to Chinese factories and buyers. 
— Provided China electric power plant opportunities information to General Electric Corp China. SHOOK was given a $950M electric power generating project by his associates in Inner Mongolia to present to GE.


Advisor to McDonalds, Juan Valdez Coffee, Starbucks, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Schlotzsky Deli, SweetStreet, Yum Brands, Tropicana, Sunkist, Baskin Robbins, Fishermans Market, Gallo, CreekStone Farms, Triad Food Group, China Kingdom Seafood, Hormel, Price Club/Costco, VitaMix, Richies American Diner, exported wine to China



— Worked with China Ministry of Agriculture by providing US technologies to help solve some China environmental issues. Provided US equipment and products exports information to China for agricultural use. 

— Worked closely with Nevada Governor’s Office by providing a plan and 
initiative for State of Nevada alfalfa exports to China and international exports. Nevada Alfalfa sales to China has become a very large industry. 

— CMEC China National Machinery and Equipment Corp, China’s first export corporation. Bill was the North American manager of CMEC and helped open cooperation between US companies and Chinese manufacturing. During that time he provided advice and manufacturing to many companies such as Allied Signal Aerospace, Lear Siegler, Boeing, Harvey Titanium, General Electric GE, and many others.

— Import and export of metal products and equipment.
— While working in China and with Honda International Trading in Orange County USA, SHOOK suggested that HONDA enter the China market asap and SHOOK provided HONDA with the methods and strategy to enter the China market. HONDA made a $150,000,000 investment in China shortly after Mr. Shook advised them of the most efficient method to enter the China market. Now HONDA has more than 200 offices in China.

— Promoted FORD to several Provinces in China. Bill was authorized by the Purchasing Bureau of Western China to discuss business opportunities in Western China directly with FORD. The Purchasing Bureau has strong purchasing power throughout several Provinces in Western and Central China. FORD executives came to Beijing to meet with Bill to discuss expansion plans in China.
— Lear Siegler / Anchorlok, manufactured many automotive parts for Lear Siegler in China. Some of these parts are currently on many trucks and vehicles on the highways in the US and have been continually manufactured for years. 
​– Boeing. Arranged meetings between CATIC (China Aviation…) and Boeing to discuss current and future projects for manufacturing Boeing aircraft in China. Later assisted regions of China with liaison for purchases of Boeing aircraft by Chinese companies.

— Assisted with startup of China’s largest medical equipment distribution company.
— Arranged dental and medical joint ventures and distribution between US, European, and Chinese companies.
— Consultant to China 999 Group.
— Original representative of Rexall Sundown China.

— Bill Shook was appointed President of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation representing North America.

The President of China’s sister presenting the Red Cross award to Bill Shook


— Worked closely with China “King & Wood Mallesons“. Represented King & Wood in the US when they first started.
— Provided assistance to the U.S. Baker Hostetler law firm, for legal issues with Chinese companies.

— World Bank (China Desk), provided advice to the bank for several years in China.
— ICBC (Industrial Commercial Bank of China), the largest bank in the world. SHOOK provided US equipment to make first credit cards in China.
— Swiss Bank (UBS), prepared China market study for gold and precious metals use in China.
— Banco Azteca, prepared China market analysis regarding opening of foreign banks in China.
— Blackstone, consulting meetings in China regarding China business.

— $340 million construction loan arranged through SHOOK and his friends at one of China’s largest constructions companies. The project was the Waterview Tower / Shangri-La Hotel in Chicago. The project was later cancelled due to the downturn in the US economy and other factors. The Shangri-La Hotel / Waterview Tower, in Chicago, was a project that we helped by arranging China banks interest in funding and by our providing some of the construction materials. SHOOK assisted with the personal relations with the Chinese construction company and bank decision-makers and their US counterparts, and with the beginning contracts and terms of cooperation between the Chinese construction company, Chinese bank, and the US contractor.


Sinopec (the world’s largest oil company).
— China National Oil Equipment Import Export Corp.
— Offshore Oil Equipment.
— China Oil.
— Nanhai Oil.
— China Chemical University.



— SHOOK imported granite and marble from China for construction of two large hotels in Florida; hotels valued at $250,000,000. SHOOK arranged for 24 hour per day work to produce100 containers of granite and marble for these projects according to specifications, and had the products delivered directly to the job-site in Florida.

— Cooperation with China National Construction Engineering Group Corp, the largest construction company in the world.
— Cooperation with Beijing Urban Construction Group Corp.
— Cooperation with Shanghai Urban Construction Group Corp.
— Cooperation with China Ministry of Construction, and China Ministry of Communications.

— Represented China’s largest real estate development group for promotion of projects in Vietnam and the U.S.
— Meetings with First American Title China discussing China market strategies.

— Micro-Bac technologies. Imported environmental products into China and performed many environment pollution control projects in China, such as in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Jiangsu…

China EPA leaders


Bill Shook interviewed on China TV with Mayor of Shenyang where SHOOK provided technologies to help solve the regions environmental problems.


Poland – brought many international businesses into Poland for investment and cooperation. Worked with the newly formed Polish government by introducing joint venture and investment companies, and was asked to prepare the investment and JV application forms which were used by Poland. 

Bill with leaders of Poland economy, Senior Economist Makowski and the head of Poland Trade Department. Bill brought many international companies to Poland for cooperation at opening of Poland to world economy in 1990. At that time Mr. Shook was President of the Sepp Group of Companies “World Trade & Technology” office.

(“The remarkable economic boom began in Poland in 1990.” —GlobalPost)


Belgium – former President of Sepp International. Sepp Group of companies owned the Smurf brand. Offices in Belgium, Poland, Los Angeles.
Portugal – wine and other products import export, real estate market studies for international investors. 

Cambodia – Sold agricultural equipment from China to Cambodia. Advisor to Cambodia government, industry, trade, and business. 

Cambodia Prime Minister Office

Cambodia Prime Minister’s Office

Meetings with Cambodia government Ministers


Vietnam – Marketing studies for US companies. Promoted Chinese and US construction companies business in Vietnam. Former President of Bridgecreek International in Orange County California, the primary developers of “Little Saigon”. Hosted many delegations to and from Vietnam. 

Meeting with leaders of Vietnam Central Bank Hanoi

  Arranged cooperation between developer of Little Saigon Orange County California and President of China’s largest real estate company


Leader of South Vietnam meeting Bill at Vietnam Capital Building to discuss SHOOK assisting Vietnam with international trade and business cooperation.

Mongolia – Arranged several business delegations to Mongolia. SHOOK was asked to submit a proposal to put together a team of experts for management of the Mongolia Stock Exchange. SHOOK was asked to be the President of the Inner Mongolia China Chamber of Commerce. SHOOK arranged meetings between Mongolia law firms and business leaders with Chinese businessmen, law firms, and local Chinese government offices.




SHOOK has provided China market and business advice to hundreds of international companies.

BILL SHOOK is recognized as one of the China business pioneers and has been influential in helping to develop billions of dollars of import and export business between the US and China. He was also very influential in promoting international cooperation, trade, and investments, with Poland, and Vietnam when they were first opening to international business.


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